Welcome Essential Wellness

Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit.  My first official blog for Essential Wellness.  Let me introduce myself.  Mom of three, married, and mom of one dog.  A beautiful fulfilling family is what has allowed me to pursue my passions in life.  If I have learned one thing by starting a business is that you must have support.  It is like your foundation, without it everything crumbles to the ground. What is Essential Wellness.  I can tell you that we are not a run of the mill trendy wellness center.  I have been searching for years to find a way to hep many people as opposed to one at a time.  Foolishly searching, when the answer was right under my nose.  Helping people one on one and providing personalized service.  Wellness plans that I create for each person along with the follow through of the client will bring about transformation.. Often I am asked what do I do? or What are you?…professionally.  To explain the answer to this question would be long and often people lose interest so I needed to give myself a title. One who looks to help people in unconventional ways, as well as teach while ensuring that the road blocks that are able to be removed, disappear.  Finances, time, accessibility etc. are easily moved.  Other road blocks may be lack of support, low self-esteem, fear, and the list goes on and on.  These psychological blocks are disputed with evidence and help you move forward with your life.  You are capable of attaining great  things.  Often we think that is ntre but with the proper guidance, education, practice and support nothing is out of your reach. One of the main components that helps people succeed is community and support.  I hope that you will participate and post nder blogs that are interesting to you.  The support of like-minded individuals is reassuring, offers friendly competition, and always positive (well on this site it is!). We are here to build each other up and support each other. If you visit my page listing the offerings you will be able to see the different modalities and can call to set and appointment at your convenience.  As far as education, it will be done through blogging and video or a link will be provided. I look forward to a flourishing online community that will encourage its member to reach great heights.  

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